One Stop for All Painting Projects

Getting a house or business painted can be a daunting process. If repairs have to be made to the stucco, trim, or drywall, a contractor as to be hired. Some companies will only do exterior or interior painting, but not both. In addition, power washing has to be done before painting starts.

So far, that is already four different companies that have to be found, hired, and scheduled. Any type of artwork or murals desired will require researching Professional painters who are artists. All these companies and people will be trampling through the home or business just to get comprehensive work completed. That means four or five contracts to sign, invoices to pay, and schedules to coordinate.

One Company

There are several choices for Aurora painters and companies. There is only one that can handle all possible painting needs. A family owned and operated company offers all services mentioned above as well as statue restoration, branding sign painting, and parking lot painting for safety. Removal of popcorn ceilings is also available if there is no asbestos involved. If asbestos is present, this company will recommend another one for that particular project.

Old School

The company tends to be old school when it comes to customer service and preferred painting techniques. This is not a bad thing. Excellent customer service is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Free color consultations and in-home estimates are provided. Painters will arrive on time every day and respect property and occupants. They will be friendly, professional, clean, and accommodating.


Sprayers for painting is the typical method of getting the work done these days. It is fast and less labor intensive. The technique also interferes with the interior air quality, wastes paint due to droplets and can fall on the lawn if the wind picks up.


The sprayer is also not exactly environmentally friendly. Rollers and brushes are a bit lower-tech but eliminate all the risks of using a sprayer. This is how these painters prefer to work. Spraying can be used if necessary for certain wall surfaces and budget constraints.


Murals are offered for both interior and exterior spaces. They will help a business capture attention and provide an outlet for expressing personality for homeowners. Colorful and fun murals will also brighten up schools, hospitals, renovated old factories, downtown structures, and municipal buildings. There are many examples of past murals, as well as interior and exterior painting projects, on the website.